A love that will last a lifetime: BBC

This post is about something that holds a special place in my heart.

Growing up, 8pm Saturday nights, you’d find my family in front of the TV watching basic cable channel 9: PBS or “The British Comedies”!

First: Monarch of the Glen, As Time Goes By, and Keeping Up Appearances, followed by: a random selection of shows including: The Faulty Towers, The Vicar of Dibley, Are You Being Served, Monty Python, Doc Martin, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, etc.  We were even able to sing each intro song and commercials by heart!


This passion for BBC shows has followed me into adulthood, honestly randomly on Saturday nights I look up and think “The Bucket [bouquet] residents, the lady of the house speaking!” and run to my Netflix to watch Hyacinth drive Richard crazy all night.

But for real, half the shows I watch now are BBC: Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Foyle’s War, Sherlock, Merlin, Lark Rise to Candleford, Mr. Selfridge, The Paradise, Land Girls, Ballykissangel… !!

I don’t know how they do it but the story lines are so simple and innocent, I feel like American TV shows are levels below BBC’s abilities (though, I’m not saying BBC hasn’t had any failures either). I just love the feeling I have after watch anything on BBC, somewhat uplifted and that not everyone in the world is out for their own good.

Plus it gives me an overwhelming desire to offer everyone tea, even if they are staying for 30 seconds. (seriously why don’t we do this!)


Oh and don’t get me started on BBC Movies! Ever since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie came out and they deleted all the beautiful scenes of Hogwarts kitchen and what not, I’ve said “I can’t wait for the day when BBC makes their own version which follows the book word for word!” – honestly it would be beautiful but I have a feeling that it won’t happen for a good 20-30 years.


Anyways there’s my DORK-ing out for the day, which now has gotten me into the mood for some Monarch of the Glen, and I think I’ll make a pot of tea! *Cheers!* Happy Dorking!


Griffin in the House!

So I know I’m really late posting this, it was all over my Facebook like 2 weeks ago (even BuzzFeed did it, so it’s really not new news)… but I love this video! And honestly this guy exemplifies the point of this blog:



He has found a way to use his awesome skill and bring happiness to others with it! I hope one day I find a way to do that myself. Though one thing I wish on him and on everyone else, I hope one day he finds a job that he really enjoys and is able to use his gift every day.

Anyways, just felt like I needed to post that!

Happy Dorking!


As a kid I was always really into playing games – I’d spend hours playing solitaire, Dr. Brain, Oregon Trail, a couple of old school floppy disk games but never got introduced to more than basic Mario brothers and Duck Hunt. About 5 years ago I played my first computer game MMORPG and chose to be a Tank and have never looked back!

I love playing the Tank – taking all the hits, trying to stay alive and keeping your companions from being destroyed is so much fun. I still haven’t had much experience but I’ve mainly played Lineage II, SWTOR, and Tera. My favorite being SWTOR.


this isn’t my girl but I had everything the same, minus the flying creature and slightly different hair. (http://charlizeart.deviantart.com/art/Charlize-Eva-Templar-196551238)

My first char was a Eva’s Templar on Lineage II, me and my friends hopped around a couple of private servers. I tried all different classes but never loved any more than my tank. On one server I became the Eva’s Templar Champion and on multiples I was able to get the best armor and join the best guilds as their main Templar. It was awesome.

But my favorite was Vanguard/Trooper on SWTOR! It was so badass! Not just because I got to play with an awesome guild but also because of the skills. I loved the grappling hook skill. In war zones I’d run to the aid of my team on the other side of the map and as I’d get close I’d grapple someone to me, stun him, throw a sticky grenade on the next guy, mass aggro the entire area, then throw protective skills on top of all my buddies! BOOM!

looks exactly like my char (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEGS1Ilv4hI)


Tera and the couple others I played were fun but nothing could beat tanking on SWTOR.

I’ve been invited to play others like League of Legions but haven’t been able to choose one to play.  I’d love any advice on the subject, help choosing a new game, and well to gab a little about gaming, so feel free to comment!

Happy Dorking!

Allons-y 2015!

So 2014 was an interesting year for me, it dealt with a lot of finding myself, embracing my own Dorkery, and coming to realize the importance of spending every day enjoying the things that make you really REALLY happy and rejoicing in it. But anyways here’s a great list of the best of 2014: http://www.buzzfeed.com/kmallikarjuna/reasons-2014-was-the-best-year-ever-to-be-a-nerd?sub=3556881_4557438&utm_term=.pdlaBDxJL#.odYzzk9YYB

My top 5 favorite things in 2014:

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Aliens + Fighting + Off Beat Humor+ Awesome Music, who could ask for more!

2. The Hobbit

I had the fun of going to the Hobbit Marathon – one full day of watching one of the best Fantasy stories of all time surrounded by a room of nerds!

3. Comic Con

I lost my Comic Con virginity! Got to be front row and center for Sean Astin and Summer Glau!

01e030f47c2974b31fa150b20185df84156377ad31 summerglau

4. The Twelfth Doctor

So I know there is a lot of controversy if Peter Capaldi is a good Doctor or not. I mean he’s not David Tennant but he holds his own. They did such a great season finale to lead to the new Doctor with a different view on life… that I honestly like the whole dark/pessimistic side of him.

5. The Arrow/Flash/Agents of Shield

And finally comics brought to TV! So very very awesome! I can’t wait for the seasons to continue again! (And come on who isn’t excited for Marvel to introduce Inhumans!) Plus I feel like Felicity is my soul sister.

Things I’m excited for in 2015:
-Going to more Comic Cons
-Movies: Avengers II, Star Wars VII, Ant-Man, etc!
-New adventures!

What are your favorites from 2014? And what are you excited for in 2015?!

Happy Dorking!

Epic Gingerbread

Now that the holiday season has passed I must comment about this: FICTIONAL GINGERBREAD!!!

Aren’t these awesome?!? I know it’s not exactly a new thing but they seemed to explode on my Pinterest and Facebook! Other ones I’ve found: Death Star, TIE fighter, K-9, etc

Plan for next holiday season: find time to make an epic gingerbread display! … not so sure what tho…

Happy Dorking!



Seriously! Who doesn’t love Deadpool?!?

As a recent Comic Book beginner/noob, I was soooo excited when the Deadpool movie test footage was leaked! Ever since, I’ve been reading past Deadpool issues on the Marvel U app every single night! (Who needs warm milk! The best way to fall asleep? Read Deadpool!!!)

I love this guy! A bad-ass superhero who not only fights bad guys but makes you keep guessing what he might do next. PLUS he has a complex back story that makes him question right and wrong… But honestly, the best part is the humor!

Oh also HUGE bonus, he knows he’s in a comic book!!!

Do you love Deadpool too? What’s your favorite thing about him? Any awesome Deadpool sitings at Comic Con?

Get excited to see the main man Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool on the big screen in February 2016! Counting down the months!

Happy Dorking!

For more information about Deadpool:

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